The ‘Other’ New Year

SEPTEMBER IS a bit like the New Year, except with less pressure and fewer expectations. But it always brings a new season and a new school year, quite possibly a new pair of boots and for me anyway, a feeling of new beginnings.

With a new year of sorts in mind, I decided to do ‘healthy September’. Nothing too crazy, just no sugar (of the obvious kind) or alcohol, less bread and more fish-and-veg-and-brown rice type meals for a month. I wasn’t even going to stop drinking coffee. Of course I failed promptly on the 1st of September (accidental burger)… and on the 2nd (ice cream – it was a hot day)… and 3rd (a friend stopped by with a delicious cake – what’s a girl to do?!). I vowed to start again the following Monday, but didn’t do any better. That night, I felt ecstatically happy tucking into a chocolate chip cookie – after deciding to give up trying to give up – and didn’t even feel particularly guilty. (If there’s one thing running gives you, it’s sugar cravings.)

Later that week, after the first session with my new running club, I had an epiphany. I was already doing a lot to improve my health and fitness, but I came to realize I should put my spare time to good use and get back into writing. More specifically, it was the high that I got from a hard run that made me want to write about how it felt and what running was doing for me – without risking a spoiler here, what it’s doing for me is something pretty amazing. So, here we are. This blog is my ‘healthy September’ (though hopefully not just for September).

I have no idea where this will take me, but I hope you’ll join me on my journey. Expect posts about running; my work as a sports and clinical massage therapist; tips and thoughts about health and wellbeing; and other topics that probably don’t have very much to do with any of the above.