Licence to Shop – The Importance of Shoe Rotation

ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE training for a half marathon or marathon, starting to run more miles per week, and running a combination of different types of workouts (easy long runs, speedwork, track sessions, maybe even dirt trails), you should consider running in more than just one 6-20pair of shoes. Think of it as having the right shoe for each workout – not to mention that shoe rotation is a key ingredient in preventing overuse injuries. Many runners beat the same pair of shoes into the ground every workout. In 4 to 6 months of relatively high mileage training (i.e. a typical half marathon or marathon training cycle), you are likely to cover enough miles to wear out a single pair of shoes – which means that if it’s your only pair, the cushioning is pretty dead by race day, and at the last minute you’ll realize that your options are either to run the race in practically new shoes, or in ones that will need to be thrown out after the race. Needless to say, neither scenario is ideal!

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