Accidental Runner

I’M A RUNNER. I’m still relatively new to running, but boy, have I been bitten by the bug. I’m a runner. Saying that makes me feel a little bit proud of myself.

I haven’t always been a runner. In fact, for the vast majority of my life I have wanted nothing to do with running. My sister has run for years, but while I have admired her guts, commitment and toned legs, I have written off all things running as total lunacy. Craziness. Sure, I’ve run a fair bit, but it has been mainly on the basketball court or other sports field, i.e. while having actual fun. I have done massage at running events – the state of those poor people at the end of a marathon…! – and I have had a lot of clients who run. But I never really got it.

But now, I have joined a running club and am preparing for my first race. I’m an actual, bona fide runner.

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